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P.E.S provides a wide range of products required for a complete piping system. Solid- wall polyethylene pipes up to 2500 mm along with complete sets of fabricated and injection molding fittings including tees, reducing tees, elbows, reducers, flanges, manhole, handhole, and polyethylene tank and polymer risers are produced by P.E.S.

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With recent advances in PE industry, PE pipes and fittings have been introduced as a good alternative for other piping materials. Due to advantages such as resistance to corrosion and chemicals, flexibility and thereby the need for less fittings, high seismic and impact strength, high hydraulic efficiency and ease of installation, PE pipes are used in most development projects.
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Elbows as PE fittings are widely used in transmission lines and networks...
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Reducing coupling is a PE fitting which is mainly used for reducing the cross section area of the main pipes and branches.
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PE tees

Tees are among widely used PE fittings that are classified as follows
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HDPE Flange
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