Research and Development of P.E.S Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer Co.

تحقیق و توسعه لوله و اتصالات پلی اتیلن شرکت پی ای اس (P.E.S)

Research and Development

P.E.S Research and Development Department with research and operational units was established with the aim of supplying demands of international and national markets and evaluating available potentials and making efforts for removing identified obstacles and promoting and developing the use of single-wall PE pipes and fittings in Iran and neighboring countries. We believe that this important objective can be achieved relying on technical knowledge, scientific expert evaluations, experience, innovation and creativity of R&D staff for improving quality and producing new products. R&D Department is consisted of research and operational units.

Research Unit

In this unit, properties of purchased raw materials and manufactured products are studied based on recent national and international standards. The Research Unit also investigate modern technologies for production of PE pipes and fittings and development of their applications in various industrial and agricultural sectors in different countries. This unit also prepares and updates conventional standards of PE pipes and fittings in collaboration with Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran for developing national standards as well as Association of PE Pipe and Fitting Producers.

Effective performance of this unit has led to increased production efficiency, reduced losses and the lack of non-conforming products, the use of high-quality raw materials and improved quality of P.E.S products.


Operational Unit

Operational Unit of P.E.S R&D Department is responsible for supporting research unit and production process. Utilizing experienced staff in Engineering Department using turning, molding, forging, maintenance, electrical and carpentry workshops equipped with professional machinery, Operational Unit plays a key role in continuous improvement of products, process optimization, reduction of production costs, increasing temporal yield of executive projects and promoting self-reliance in P.E.S.

 P.E.S R&D is searching for special products

Evaluating the performance of welding machine for large pipes (2400 mm)