P.E.S Professional Industry Consulting & Workshops for Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Workshops and specialized consulting

P.E.S is proud to have participated in most water, oil and gas, wastewater, mine and agricultural projects in the field of production, implementation and installation, training and engineering and specialized consulting. P.E.S makes its best to provide high-quality services to satisfy employers and customers and to maintain the real position of this industry in development plans.

Our goal is to provide a better understanding of PE products and their applications, industrial capabilities and their important role in preserving water resources and preventing water loss and pollution of valuable soil and water resources through holding seminars and workshops and attendance in technical and consulting meetings in water and wastewater companies, consultant engineering companies, agricultural organizations, petrochemical complexes and oil and gas companies and other industrial centers.

We believe that correct informing on specifications of PE pipes and fittings and controlling and inspection procedures, parameters affecting design of PE production lines and affordable installation methods is a valuable strategy to attract attention of customers and prevent loss of national capital by incorrect use and sometime poor quality of PE pipes and fittings.

To achieve these goals, P.E.S is ready to hold free workshops and specialized seminars on PE raw materials properties, extrusion and PE pipe and fitting production, joining methods, welding and installation of PE systems, static and hydraulic design and calculations, inspection and testing methods for PE pipes and fittings and executive solutions for PE industry.

Specialized consultation

Beside workshops, P.E.S is ready to provide technical and engineering consultation services for under design and ongoing projects of employers and consultant engineers. We hope that using these consulting services, the quality of projects will be promoted to take an effective step in the development of our beloved country.