P.E.S Customer Support for Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Services and Support

In addition to supplying high-quality products, to achieve one of the most important qualitative objectives, i.e. customer satisfaction, P.E.S does it best to provide following specialized and sales support services such that customers conveniently use our products:

  • Relying of the quality management standard system and exact control of its products and training, purchasing, production, testing and transportation of products and more than 4 decades of experience in production of PE pipes, P.E.S is proud to announce that the quality of all products are guaranteed by international standards.
  • Production of various PE fittings along with PE pipes which can partly prevent shortcomings from inconsistent pipes and fittings and accelerate executive operations.
  • Exact execution of the production schedule in accordance with contracts and on-time delivery of goods.
  • Reporting test results on products at customer’s request.
  • Visiting production, control and inspection steps by customers
  • Precise monitoring and controlling loading and transportation of high-quality products and providing affordable transportation solutions such as the use of metal bundles observing loading and transportation standards.
  • Employing experienced and skill executive staff for installing pipes and fittings and providing PE welding services by sending welder and welding supervisor team to the project site.
  • Tracking all products since production to loading and installation and operation to aware customers’ comments and use necessary collaborations at all above stages.
  • Technical consulting and holding workshops on correct selection of pipe and raw materials, production processes, products, design, installation, placement and inspection, welding, testing and controlling PE products.
  • Training PE welding training and issuing welding certificates by SKZ PES training center under the license of SKZ German Plastics Center.