P.E.S Technical Instruction

Hydraulic test of pipeline

Hydraulic tests (internal pressure test) should be performed prior to operation to ensure sealing of the piping system. The internal pressure test was carried out according to DVGW W400-2. This procedure has replaced DIN 4279 standard. The internal pressure test should be performed by skilled staff. The experimenter should have comprehensive information on the piping system, measurement and safety issues.
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Transportation and storage of PE pipes

Installation of pipes is started after delivery of pipes, fittings and other necessary tools. Pipes are then assembled and installed. In the next stage, the pipeline is tested and prepared for operation. Inspection and test stages are considered during installation to ensure the quality and correct functioning of the system.
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Various stages of butt fusion of HDPE pipes

The welding area should be protected from inappropriate atmospheric factors such as moisture or temperatures below +5 ̊C. If one side is warmer than another side due to intense sunlight, non-uniform heat generation on pipe surface should be prevented using an umbrella or tent. Wind and air currents also should be prevented during welding by closing the pipe ends.
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