Mineral industries Application of P.E.S Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer Co.

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HDPE pipe is the best choice for transferring mineral slurries and industrial wastewater. Abrasion resistance, smooth internal surface, resistance to chemicals, corrosion resistance, impact strength, low cost and ease of installation are among unique advantages of PE pipes in mineral industry.

PE pipes and fittings are used for slurry transfer line, mine dewatering and ponds, transferring mineral wastes and various uses of water and chemicals in open-pit and underground mining.

Advantages of PE pipes in mine industry

  • High reliable joining: Butt fusion joint is flexible and strong as the PE pipe and is not separated by soil movement, external loads and water hammer.
  • Excellent transfer: The abrasion-resistant smooth inner surface of PE pipes improve hydraulic properties of this type of pipes.
  • Reliable safety: PE pipes are not prone to cracking.
  • Impact strength: PE pipes with high toughness are not fractured by impacts.
  • Flexural strength
  • High flexibility: PE pipes can be easily redirected according to construction requirements.
  • Lower installation costs: Lightweight, ease of transport and installation and simple welding methods lower construction costs.
  • Low maintenance and service costs: When correctly installed, PE systems need very little maintenance.

PE pipes showed the least wear in Sand - Slurry Method (Darmstadt test - DIN 58836) test.


PE pipes showed the least wear in Sand - Slurry Method (Darmstadt test - DIN 58836) test.


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