Firefighting Application of P.E.S Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer Co.

کاربردهای اطفاء حریق لوله و اتصالات پلی اتیلن پی ای اس (P.E.S)

With significant advances in the production of various types of PE pipes and fittings in the past five decades, PE has been introduced as a good alternative for metal, PVC, GRP and cast iron pipes.

Firefighting equipment are always at risk of degradation. Steel and cast iron firefighting pipes are gradually corroded and water sediments may block this type of pipes. In addition, steel pipes may be destroyed during earthquakes due to fragility. Due to urgency of fire events, pipes and firefighting equipment should be always healthy to take necessary measures in the event of an incident.

P.E.S produces 16 to 2500 mm PE pipes and fittings with a working pressure of 4 to 50 atm from high-quality raw materials in accordance with international standards.

Advantages of PE pipes for fire extinguishing systems include:

1. High resistance of PE pipes to corrosion: Due to constant contact with water, old systems were corroded. This problem is completely eliminated with the use of PE pipes. 2. Seismic strength: PE pipes are resistant to any vibration and do not crack, break or leak like previous pipes. 3. Lightweight: PE pipes are lighter than steel pipes. 4. Lack of deposition: PE pipes used in firefighting do not suffer from gradual deposition of minerals in the pipe. 5. East of installation: This is considered an important advantage of PE pipes. 6. Reasonable cost of PE pipes than other pipes is a key factor for the use of PE in fire extinguishing systems.

As mentioned, PE pipes used in firefighting systems eliminate all problems with previous systems and become the first choice for designing an ideal firefighting system.

PE pipes and fittings are used for large fire extinguishing systems for many years. Due to high sensitivity of firefighting piping, relevant standards should be met to prevent major and irreparable events.

Firefighting pipes should withstand high water pressures. PE pipes tolerating a water pressure of 4 to 25 bar are a good choice for such systems.

According to above discussion, PE pipes are a tough rival for previous types of firefighting pipes. Due to numerous advantages, almost all fire departments make use of PE pipes. It is one of the industrial applications of PE pipes. PE pipes are also used in aviation, mining, agricultural and other industries. This reflects the acceptance of this new emerging product by employers.


Pipe OD: 63 mm to 630 mm


PN: SDR 11, SDR 9

Standard: FM1613, EN 12201, ISO 4427, INSO 21266, AWWA C906

PE pipes with other sizes are produced and delivered at customer’s request.

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