Agriculture Application of P.E.S Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer Co.

کاربردهای کشاورزی لوله و اتصالات پلی اتیلن پی ای اس (P.E.S)

Water scarcity is an important issue. Given the key role of water in agriculture products, it is predicted that in near future, instead of yield per hectare, product yield will be evaluated in terms of unit water consumed. This indicates the importance of correct and modern irrigation methods. Pressurized irrigation by PE pipes significantly increases irrigation yield as well as area under cultivation.

Various types of PE pipes are used in almost all farms and greenhouses around the world. Large PE pipes can be used in high-pressure water transmission and water distribution networks. Small-size PE pipes are also used for irrigation of plants and agricultural lands. P.E.S produces various types of high-quality PE pipes and fittings in different sizes for agricultural applications.

High durability and strength, ease of installation, low cost, long lifetime, lightweight, flexibility, resistance to solar radiation, corrosion resistance, hygiene and non-toxicity and diverse sizes and dimensions are among advantages of PE pipes that encourage farmers to use this type of pipes.

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