P.E.S Welding and Installation for Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings

Welding and installation

P.E.S is a pioneer in improving PE welding techniques and technical and engineering support in the field of pipe design, static and hydraulic calculations, welding, installation and commissioning PE systems in Iran.

As the only Iranian company, P.E.S is active in the field of welding PE pipes under the license of SKZ German Plastics Center since 2005. All P.E.S welders participate in welding training courses for welders and welding supervisors under supervision of SKZ. After obtaining an internationally accredited certificate, P.E.S welders execute and supervise installation operation in accordance with SKZ standards and procedures. At customer’s request, P.E.S is able to use SKZ experts in its executive projects as supervisor and consultant.

Providing services to customers relying on 40-year experience in the production and installation of HDPE pipes utilizing experienced and trained technicians with an accredited certificate from the German SKZ Institute, P.E.S meets all of your needs regarding HDPE piping and installation.

The steps for providing welding and installation services for PE pipelines

  • Initial evaluation of site, climatic conditions and facilities
  • Primary design and executive scheduling
  • Estimating probable and additional costs
  • PE welding and installation
  • Providing a traceable welding identification for all weldments
  • Monitoring the performance of welders in all installation steps
  • Controlling welding quality and welding test
  • Leakage and pressure tests at customer’s request on PE pipes and fittings
  • Supervising pipeline test at customer’s request and technical consultation and solutions for probable problems

P.E.S technical knowledge and experience is uncompetitive in the field of:

  • Large diameter pipes
  • Pressurized pipes
  • Production and installation of fittings
  • Welding quality control
  • Development and training
  • Technical consultation to improve execution quality (placement and installation)
  • Implementing projects at shortest time

Butt fusion of PE pipes is a cost-effective, fast and reliable method for joining and installing PE pipe systems, because weldments are very strong, flexible and leak-free like the pipe.

Butt fusion and electrofusion are the most important thermal methods for welding PE systems.

Butt fusion

Butt fusion is the best choice and common method for joining PE pipes. In this method, joining surfaces (the pipe wall thickness) are heated by a hot plate up to welding temperature. The hot plate is then removed and melt surfaces are pressed for a certain time to complete welding operation.

Butt fusion advantages

  • Integrated welding on wall surface or pipe thickness
  • High safety (weldments are stronger than pipe)
  • Protection against corrosion and environmental pollutions
  • Easy and rapid welding
  • Low cost
  • Lake of leakage
  • Reproducibility of welding parameters
  • Reduction of man error by equipping welding machine to a CNC controller


For electrofusion of socket fittings, thermal coils are used to generate heat and join the pipes. In this method, a thin layer of the external surface of the pipe is involved in electrofusion connection. This limits application of this welding method.

In both methods, welding quality is dependent on welding machine, welder experience and skill, optimal use of welding machinery and equipment and welding procedures. A welder should participate in welding courses to receive an updated accredited certificate.

P.E.S welding manual has been prepared according to German Welding Society manual, DVS 2207-part 1.