Laboratory and Quality Control of P.E.S Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer Co.

P.E.S Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting Manufacture Co.


As the first holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certificates in PE pipes and fittings industry in Iran, while establishing a precise quality guarantee system, P.E.S Lab as an accredited laboratory of Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran performs the following quality control tests on raw materials and products using European laboratory equipment in accordance with national standards and recent international standards.


Quality control

Quality control is among issues that should be taken into special consideration when talking about quality management. Quality control (QC) is an important subset of quality management. Quality Control Department in P.E.S is active under direct supervision of CEO.

One major task of QC Department is to supervise production processes. In the case of any inconsistency, QC has the authority to stop the production line to prevent production of non-conforming products.

A very accurate control plan has been designed in P.E.S in which all control points including raw materials and products have been specified. In this way, QC experts are able to control all items. The control plan is prepared and implemented using standard and customer requirements as well as organizational experiences.

An indentification code is assigned to each product for identifying and tracking the products. Using this code, all information and production parameters including raw materials, operator, production line, production date and all parameters affecting production quality can be tracked.

To this end, the products are randomly sampled and all relevant tests are performed with high precision according to national and international standards and the results are reported with an uncertainty of 95%. BRT tests are carried out and Batch Release Test is issued for each production batch.