Oil industries Application of P.E.S Polyethylene Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer Co.

کاربردهای لوله و اتصالات پلی اتیلن پی ای اس (P.E.S) در صنعت نفت

Since the production of PE pipes, the use of this product in oil, gas and petrochemical industry has always been investigated. PE pipes are extensively used in oil industry. PE pipes are used for direct oil transfer and also for coating of steel pipes. Coating of steel pipes by PE not only protect steel pipes, but also improve protective performance and lifetime and maximum efficiency of steel pipes.

In December 1996, Borouge Company replaced part of steel oil pipeline of SimSim oilfield in Oman by PE100 pipes. These pipes were tested after 15 years of operation at a temperature higher than 50 ̊C in 2011. The results were indicative of no damage or failure in PE100 pipes. Therefore, PE pipes can be a good alternative for steel pipes in oil pipelines.


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